Saturday, February 20, 2010


This year I am adopting a theme of simplicity. My focus is to simplify my life, and that of my family, to lower the demands I accept on myself and my time. One of the things I have finally admitted I needed to simplify was my blogging world.

I originally set up a second blog, Contemplative Mom, as a separate place for all my thoughts and activities as a woman, wife and mother. But in this new year, I find that I don't have time and energy to keep up both blogs. The family blog seems more important right now, to keep our friends and family involved in our lives as we are "across the pond."

All that being said, I am closing my Contemplative Mom blog for now and will be moving any future posts that would have been on it (menu plans, book reviews, thoughts on motherhood, etc.) over to our family blog, Sumners in Scotland. Please come visit me there.

Happy Blogging.

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BlueCastle said...

Simplicity - the never-ending quest in my life. :) Good on you for finding ways to do that.