Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day Gift Exchange

For Valentine's Day this year, Jennifer at The Story of Us hosted a bloggers, gift exchange. Because we have a new post man delivering to our house (who keeps questioning my address), I received my package a little late ... but it was a wonderful surprise to receive it today, ON MY BIRTHDAY!

Thank you, "Stark" from Abilene, TX for this beautiful kitchen set and yummy chocolates! My kitchen has a festive new look!


jennifer said...

Bummer you got it late! Hopefully the mail man will get everything figured out from now on!! The good thing is that candy is always yummy and the towels and potholders can be used even not on Valentines Day!! Thanks for being a part of the exchange!

Blue Castle said...

That postman better get it figured out........ :)

Christy said...

He has to eventually figure it out, right? =)

Thanks for hosting the gift exchange, jennifer. It was fun!