Friday, June 26, 2009

Blitz-It Friday - Picture Organization Week #4

This was a great week for blitzing. I was able to accomplish so much on this project. Here were my goals and what I got done...


Goal 1: Spend at least two hours blitzing this project
I was on a roll several evenings in a row and spent about six hours blitzing this week.

Goal 2: Continue converting negatives to CD
I did not have any opportunities to get to the library for scanning this week. This part of the project is going to have to wait for some future occasion. Maybe a few years down the road the technology will be more available and affordable.

Goal 3: Finish sorting the pictures to be scanned
I have sorted through what seems like a million pictures this week, but still have not determined what needs to be scanned.

Below you can see the stack of albums that I pulled from the shelf.

I sorted through all these books to see if I really needed to keep everything. I was inspired by Organizing Mommy at Organized Everyday to keep only the pictures that are actually good. I cleared out doubles, blurry pictures, shots of the back of heads, those with weird looks, etc. It was very freeing.

I reduced the keepers to the stack you see in the picture below
(leaving 11 albums, down from 18).

Goal 4: Begin scanning pictures
I did not have a chance to start scanning pictures. This is going to take some time, but at least I can do it at home in the evenings.

Goal 5: Sort through remaining stuff in the closet
I am almost done sorting through everything on that closet shelf. There is still one box of unsorted pictures that needs to be organized. I left the biggest mess for last ... and the pile has grown as I sorted through the letters and cards in our file cabinet.

It was a great week, but I am out of time. This project has to be done by this Tuesday, so I can move on to the next project. Here are my goals for the last few days ...

  1. Spend at least two hours blitzing
  2. Finish scanning pictures
  3. Condense the storage space needed for negatives
  4. Finish organizing the unsorted pictures
  5. Pack up the albums and pictures for the move

Stay tuned for the announcement of my next summer blitzing project.

Stop by Organized Everyday for more projects that are being blitzed.


Ruby said...

I have come over a couple of times before from Organizing Everday. You have also done a terrific job! Doesn't it feel good to actually get a planned week accomplished?

Thanks for commenting at my place.
I'll be back - and you come back some time too.

L2L said...

Oh wow, pictures. I never know where to start or stop. Thankfully for me right around when our 2nd son was born we got a digital camera so not too much for me to do with hard copy pics, but the digital ones, oye!!!! Great job and I'll see ya next week!!!!