Saturday, April 4, 2009

I Won?

I have recently won two giveaways online. I'm not one to sign up for contests much. The odds are so low that I would win that it hardly seems with the effort. But there is something about blog giveaways that has changed my behavior.

Maybe it is that normally there are a few less contestants. Or maybe they are just easier to enter (just leave a comment, etc). Whatever it is, I have entered a few blog giveaways recently ... and I have actually won.

Here is what I won:


Organizing from the Inside Out
by Julie Morgenstern

This was a giveaway at Organized Everyday, celebrating her new blog design. I had heard great things about this book and was excited at the possibility of winning it. I was new to this blog, but had started visiting fairly regularly, so leaving a comment to join the giveaway was easy. And now I'm a faithful reader!


$20 gift certificate to Shutterfly

This was part of the Ultimate Blog Party 2009 giveaways, from Scraps of My Geek Life. I had already decided that I wanted to join in the party, but I never expected to win anything, especially when I saw the huge number of participants. I am very excited about this gift certificate, and I have spent half of it on some prints for my grandma (pictures of her great-grandchildren).


I'm not ready to make entering giveaways a hobby, but I am much more motivated to enter it the prize is something I actually want.

If you want to try out the world of blog giveaways, The Diaper Diaries just posted a few great places to find giveaways. Have fun!

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