Friday, May 29, 2009

Blitz-It Friday

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I had great plans for blitzing yesterday, but never made the time for it. I have been focusing on purging so much that I have been neglecting the cleaning. Our apartment is in desperate need of some serious cleaning. But that is not for today. Maybe next week, after this yard sale is over.

I attempted to use the blitz for sorting and clearing out. It was great for the first few minutes, but quickly became too involved and emotional. The timer just added stress instead of motivation, so I had to stop it. I guess there are some things that I just can't blitz.

This morning, I had 20 minutes to blitz some simple cleaning and pick up. Here is what I was able to accomplish:
  • Loaded the dishwasher

  • Washed the pots & pans

  • Wiped the stove top & counters

  • Picked up all the toys in the dining and living room

  • Folded and put away a load of the kid's laundry

  • Emptied the diaper pail

  • Partially cleared off the kitchen table and top of the book case
It was a brief cleaning session; next week I need to do some serious cleaning.

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1 comment:

Eos Mom said...

You must have superspeed, you always get so much done in a short time! Great work!