Thursday, May 28, 2009

T-minus 3 days

There are only three days left? We have really only cleared out about half the stuff we need to eliminate. But it will still be a good size sale. We will just need to recruit some friends to join us in our second yard sale in July to make sure it is big enough to attract the necessary attention.


I hit our storage unit again today, but only had about 20 minutes to spend sorting and purging. I did manage to sort our wire shelving unit and add a large box of potting and gardening stuff to the yard sale pile.

I also located six boxes of random stuff that will need to be sorted. I brought one of the boxes up to our apartment and purged half of the contents. Maybe I'll get to the other five boxes tomorrow.


My hubby and I started to sort through all the CD's we have, and the new collection of music that they kids have accumulated. So far, our clear-out pile is small, but we have only gone through about half the CD's. Everything we are keeping has to go into a box now because we are selling the rack in the sale on Saturday!

With only two days left, I am aware that there is not enough time to finish the areas that I had hoped to complete, but I am pleased with the amount we have accomplished and feel ready for this sale to be here.

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Karin said...

You should get an IPod and upload all of your cd's to have while you are away!