Friday, May 29, 2009

T-minus 2 days

Today was a productive day. And I have pictures of the linen closet, both before and after.


My hubby and I headed down to the storage unit today to sort those four boxes I discovered yesterday. We reduced the four boxes of stuff down to two boxes; the other two boxes are ready for the yard sale.


This afternoon I finally tackled the linen closet. I now have a much better idea of all the toiletries and cleaning supplies that I have, need to use up, and make sure not to purchase more for the next two months.

Here is the linen closet before I started.

I cleared out two boxes of items for the yard sale, and threw out one bag of garbage. Then I took a little extra time to organize everything.

Here is a picture of the closet after my efforts.


While I was clearing the linen closet, my husband purged the bookshelf in our bedroom. After clearing out a large stack of books, he packed up the remaining books for storage. Now the bookshelf is empty and ready to be sold in the yard sale.

Only one day left to purging items for the yard sale. I have a few areas on my list still left to sort, but I don't expect to have much time. Most of the day will be spent gathering the large items like the bookshelves, desk, etc. that will be sold in the yard sale.

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